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Create Dropbox Account
If you do not already have an account, sign up here for an extra 500MB bonus:

Install Desktop client

Begin Dropquest


Chapter 1
Use algebra. WolframAlpha can solve the equations
With each hint, move to a new person like how a chess knight would.
ChenLi Wang -> Ramsey H. - > Allison Louie -> Naveen Agrawal -> Emily Zhao

Use the first letter of each name to get the password.

Chapter 3
Match the icons with their meaning and get the first letter of each.

Chapter 4
Plot each of the location of Google Maps.

Chapter 5
These are electrical outlet types. Use to decipher the receptacle (eg: Type A, B, C, D etc.)

Chapter 6
Invert the colors and look at the ones that don't match their text descriptions. Use the M/D/Y and use that date on

Chapter 7
The letters are in the soundcloud comments, use the legend to figure out the order by converting it to numbers.

Chapter 8
The letters are school initials. Might have something to do with mascots.

Chapter 9
Rearrange the file names to say something.
Go to
Send an invite to someone specific.

Chapter 10

Chapter 11
Crack the code for each block and combine the first letters.
Caesarian Shift Cipher Encoder:

Chapter 12
Restore Chapter12.txt to its previous version via 2012/Captain's Logs/Chapter 12.txt
Then go to and certain icon.

Chapter 14
Solve the sudoku puzzle then re-arrange the slider puzzle according to the highlighted part.

Chapter 15
Share a folder with the email listed on the page.

Chapter 16
Open the shared folder to see a bunch of .txt files. Each file will contain excerpts from press articles but with one word differences. Use google to find the original articles and the compare them to the dropbox copy to identify words. Adding "heads" to the identified words.

Go to and click on the larger rainbow icon next to "Sharing".

Chapter 17
You need to categorize each item into the correct folder.

Make sure you use the website. If you did this via the desktop app, use the Repair Dropquest Folder link on the lower left corner of the clue page to start over and do it properly from the web interface.

Chapter 19

For each column, subtract the smaller card value from the larger one. The answer should be one of the following links:

The answer (URL) is in this format: 1.2/3

1 = Korean for db
2 = Audi TT
3= For each column, subtract the smaller card value from the larger one

Chapter 20
Identify the movies and use the numbers in the titles to find words in the txt files.

Chapter 21
The functions applied are: 1, 2, 21, 19, 9, 22, 5, 12, 25. Match them to the corresponding letter in the alphabet to get your answer.

Chapter 22
Identify each flag, convert it to the ISO 2 digit country code. With the ISO Country Code, look up the corresponding chemical element in the periodic table and find the atomic number.

Substitute the atomic number for the country flags and solve the equation! N. B. mod refers to modulo operation which is the remainder after division.

Use the equation solutions to find the appropriate midi files for your puzzle (in correct order).

List the musical notes in the midi file, the snare hit (_) denotes a missing letter:

Chapter 23
Go to the different dropquest twitter accounts and find the coordinates.
eg: 18.836043, -72.545993

Connect the dots (looks like dropbox) and find the missing point

Solve the crossword to get the clues:
20 Across = 1

st instruction
61 Across = 2nd instruction

Order the Captain's Logs as instructed, find the words as instructed, and take the first letter of each word to get last instruction. Order the log files as instructed and find a certain word in each.